All work places within NSW are subject to the laws of NSW and the guidelines of the safety regulator, SafeWork NSW. These guidelines are in place to protect workers and businesses from disasters within the work place. When it comes to industrial and commercial work places, it is near impossible to be aware of all potential hazards and all regulations that apply. B & E Gas Supplies can provide onsite auditing to your business or jobsite to give you the peace of mind that your business is complying with SafeWork and NSW law, as well as ensuring that all your employees stay safe.

Gas Equipment

There are many gasses that your business may be using and all of them have different rules. B & E Gas Supplies can determine what type of gas you are using and provide the relevant regulations. B & E Gas Supplies onsite audit can provide you with:

  • Safety Inspection on all gas equipment
  • Inspection and repair of oxy / acetylene equipment to AS4839-2001
  • Flashback arrerstor testing to AS4603-1995
  • Gas manifold testing to AS4238-1996
  • Gas leak testing
  • Tagging of equipment
  • Ensuring NSW regulation for gas storage and handling
  • Written reports for your safety and equipment registers

Welder Audit

B & E Gas Supplies not only provides safety audits but we can also come to your business and provide recommendations on welding equipment and replacement. Our expert staff have years of experience dealing with all types of welders and we can make recommendations on the repair, servicing or replacement of your current welders, as well as provide information on what a new welder will do for your business.

Onsite Register and Placard

Every business that deals with hazardous materials and equipment must have a register. Your business may not have the expertise in creating or maintaining these registers and ensuring that your business stays safe and compliant with NSW laws. B & E Gas Supplies can organise for someone to come out and determine what type of registers your business requires and provide a solution that best suits your business needs. Along with a register your business may also require mandatory signage to highlight hazards to visitors. B & E Gas Supplies can help ensure your business meets all the minimum guidelines by helping with the following:

  • Chemical register
  • Hazardous chemicals manifest
  • Equipment register
  • Placarding/Signage minimum requirements
  • And more…

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