Every year at the end of winter we pack away our heaters after thinking what a great job the heater did through the cold months. We don’t think too much about the heater through the warmer months and then winter comes around again and we pull out the heater from a dark corner in the house. You blow off the dust, connect the gas hose and plug in the power. But did you ever stop and think about the safety of your family before you turn it on?

What could be wrong?

A gas heater has many components and when operating correctly there is minimal risk. However, a gas heater could have various faults that could be harmful to your family. Your gas heater could be leaking CO2 or carbon monoxide which can be very harmful to those who breathe it in. The possibility of a leak is heightened when you have just pulled it out from storage as you have been moving it around and may have knocked something loose inside.

Signs your heater needs a service

B & E Gas recommends that you service your heater at a minimum once a year for the safety of your family and to keep repair costs low; preventive maintenance stops large repair bills. Preventive maintenance also means you will have your heater back in time for when you need it on those chilly nights.

However, you may also find that you need some repairs done to your gas heater. These symptoms may include:

  • Pilot light frequently going out
  • Smell of gas
  • Popping or other unusual noises when starting the heater
  • Yellow, brown or red sooty flame
  • Soot stains
  • Signs of melting or bubbling on the outside of the heater or on the walls/floors near the heater
  • Heater overheating in places that should be cool to touch

Book A Heater Service

B & E Gas does not provide onsite heater servicing but we believe in providing the best possible service we can. This is why we have partnered up with experienced repairers in the Illawarra who can service and repair your gas heater. Give us a call on 02 4276 1006 and we will connect you with a professional and experienced local repairer for your particular heater brand.

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