Sprays, Markers & Ink

We have a large range of weld sprays, markers and ink supplies.

  • Weldclass Chalk Markers – Split & Square: Precision marking of measurements and cutting guides
  • Crack Test Sprays: Use for weld inspection and job quality
  • Anti-Spatter Sprays and Dip Gel: Stops welding spatter sticking to work pieces and tools.
  • Mask Cleaner: Remover dust and build up on welding lenses
  • Wire Lubricant: easily feed wire with Lube-Matic
  • Signet Ballmarkers & Ink – White / Yellow / Pink
  • Gas Control Spray: Tests for gas leaks by bubbling or foaming around unsealed area
  • Liquid Zinc – Silver / Grey – Ideal for touch ups on galvanised steel welds
  • Silicone Spray: All purpose lubricating spray