Over 50 years serving the Illawarra with welding supplies
Over 50 years serving the Illawarra with welding supplies
All your gas needs
All your gas needs
Including gas fittings and refills
Trusted and affordable gas equipment repairers
Trusted and affordable gas equipment repairers
Fully accredited by Cigweld
We have a fully functioning workshop with highly trained staff to take care of your repair and servicing requirements.
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We believe that as a small business, we have a duty to empower other local businesses and encourage local jobs, we do this by sourcing local services and suppliers whenever we can.
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We understand that sometimes you need the item right away. This is why we offer a priority delivery service to all our customers.
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B & E Gas Supplies stocks a large range of welding and gas equipment for industry and home use. From industrial welders to the home heater, B & E Gas Supplies has everything you need for your welding and gas equipment.


A job that needs any welding or gas supplies, needs B & E Gas Supplies in Port Kembla. Our expertise is recognised throughout the Illawarra and we have become synonymous with top quality welding supplies and services. We are a friendly team of experienced professionals with plenty of knowledge. We can advise and recommend products that will suit your needs and budget and provide you with all the necessary products to complete your project. That’s why we guarantee that our services are the best in the Illawarra.

Give us a call or stop in and have a chat to Tim, Jan, Chad, Alysha and Marty. Let us show you the quality of service and product that a small family business can provide.

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We are conveniently located at 217 Shellharbour Road, Port Kembla

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